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    How to deploy development portal to production and go live?




      We have one live jive instance and another UAT instance of the same jive website. We have been tasked to create tiles for design enhancements for the live instance. Previously the the jive site was having extensive use of widgets, but in the new one, all the widgets have been converted to tiles, also the contents and documents under the live site has to be migrated to some centralized location. We need to know, what is the best procedure to perform this when one website is currently live and we are working on the UAT website. To be specific, how to make sure the database of live site remains intact and the changes/customization of UAT site gets applied to the live. Is there in process or configuration to be followed or this cannot be manually done? Do we need to take help of the Jive Hosting team? We appreciate any prompt support in this matter.