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    Receiving notification about rewards for external users that don't work


      I'm testing for a prospect everything that an external user can do and see and then I saw this:

      I found out that none of the Rewards functionalities works. The tiles in a group that display this doesn't work, you don't have a tab Rewards on your profile etc. But now today when I checked my testing account I received a notifcation about my status level for a specific strategy. Which is really weird since none of the links in the message lead to something. Everything keeps saying that it doesn't work for external users, what makes sense. But it doesn't make sence that I get a notification in my inbox. Has anyone seen this issue before?


      Also, what kind of things did you find out when using external users in your community and what they can see and do?

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          Thanks for posting this.  I'm still going to create a support ticket, but I just noticed the same thing this morning in our external Cloud Jive-x community.  The Strategy missions have a ton of things not applicable to our community so I had most aspects disabled or 0 points, since the beginning.  You can't reconfigure them to have your own custom tasks nor hide them, so it is very confusing for users.  Today I noticed several users in the social news feed obtaining many of these levels (Knowledge, Growth, Innovation, Value, etc) as well as what was reported above where when you click on the link for the level and it will just go to the home page.  Something definitely changed with Rewards recently.  If anyone gets more info please report back.  I'll communicate back what support tells me whenever they respond.

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              Now when I click the link for the badge it gives the pop-up about the Strategy Mission like it should.  I guess whatever was going on there fixed itself.   I wonder if it is working for you too now Susanne Brands?


              For the users obtaining levels that looked off to me, I was educated that every 30 days the top 5 users who have the most points for performing "one or more" events within a Strategy Category get awarded the badge.  For example, in the Knowledge Strategy Mission someone can just perform one event task (mark Helpful replies) contained within the Curator Strategy Category and get the badge if they got the most points (within the top 5) for the last month.  I don't remember this being pointed out in the past, but I guess I didn't pay close enough attention because it is right here in the Rewards documentation:   The issue for my community is no one can ever get these badges unless they are in the top 5 because all of the events are not possible with our use case and permission scheme. We don't use Structured Outcomes so most of the events in the Curator category aren't possible to perform.  The graphic below may explain better. The take home is apparently my report of something being wrong is working as designed, I just had never heard of it before.  Sorry for the false alarm.