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    Pulling my profile from Jive API

    theycallmeflowz Novice

      Im trying to pull my profile info from the JIVE API using javaScript

      and i keep getting the error message "SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'setRequestHeader' on 'XMLHttpRequest': 'Authorization:' is not a valid HTTP header field name."
      in the Chrome Console.


      Heres my code



      var queryURL = "https://community.jivesoftware.com/api/core/v3/people/@me";



         url: queryURL,

         beforeSend: function(xhr) {

         xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization:", "myUsername myPassword");


         type: 'GET',

         dataType: 'json',

         contentType: 'application/json',

         success: function (response) {



         error: function(error){