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    Jive question - Points not adding


      My points are not adding up for 3 days already...

      This problem is only with my account, my colleagues are fine.


      I mean, I see the activity but the points stay on the same score from last week


      Any help much appreciated

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          Hi Ruthy Weill! Sorry to hear you are having issues with points. Can you confirm whether you are talking about the points in your own Jive community, or your points here within AureaWorks?  If you are referring to your Jive community, are you using Jive Rewards or Bunchball for gamification?

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              Hi Sarah O'Meara

              Thank you for taking the time to look into this!


              Yes, I refer to our Jive community and we're using rewards.

              I could see the activity on the "Helper" and "Influence" badges as well as on the "activity" tab

              But it doesn't add to the total of points.


              It matters to me a lot since we have a contest in the office and the best one wins a cool prize lol

              I'm top Jiver but it's not reflected properly on the total.

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                  Hi Ruthy Weill, I'm afraid I'm unable to look into this issue personally as I don't have access to your Jive instance and an initial search of other cases show that it can depend on a variety of problems. Guy Peri or Tal Miller, would you be able to submit a ticket in the Fibonatix support group for Ruthy regarding the rewards issue?

                  I hope things get worked out quickly so you can take your place back at the top of the leaderboard where you belong   Good luck!

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                We are seeing the same issue in our jive cummunity and are using rewards.


                A few users including myself and my MD have added content along with the standard activity and our points have not moved since the new year Although we can see the activity.


                Also we have seem that if our activity would normally award another user with point's i.e. liking a post or commenting on a post its seems some users receive the points and other users don't.


                And lastly the point's that some users are receiving is way above what they would normally receive. 1 user for instance received 49 pionts for getting 1 like on a post.




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                  Good morning all,

                  Please check out this doc Issue Tracking Document for Jive Customers | 2018. This document should be used to track and share important discussions, blogs, questions that are happening in the AureaWorks community related to mission-critical functionality in Jive-n communities. Customers are helping each other out, but it is difficult to find/track, so one central place should help. The intent is to track more serious issues that impact multiple customers, not everything going on in the community.

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