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    Team not receiving password reset and notification e-mails anymore


      Hi, All,


      I am having issues when try to reset a team member password or create a new team member.

      Nobody is receiving the e-mails from Productive anymore.

      I already checked with my ISP / E-mail server, and also already put the productive.com domain on the servers whitelist. None of it solved the problem.

      I saw some other people with same problem here, and the solution was to remove the team domain (in our case is @ideatore.com.br) from your messages bounce list.


      I already talked with Sarah O'Meara, but still waiting for an answer.


      She asked my to check with my server provider and they returned me with this:


      Hello Rogério,

      Thank you for contacting the FastComet technical support team.

      If this is indeed the case, could you please provide us with the IP address or IP address range used by producteev.com so that we may check if they are indeed being blocked by one of our security systems?

      In case the IP address used to send emails from this domain is indeed blocked for some reason, we will check the cause behind this and provide you with as much information as is available in this regard.

      We will be looking forward to hearing from you.



      Could somebody help me, please?




      Rogério Bonome