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    Tracking traffic on a link/image

    Morgan Johnson

      One of our user groups would like to be able to click a button that users can click on to confirm that they have signed off and communicated the information in a Jive document.


      Has anyone created an image (a button) within a Jive document, which when clicked, tracks who has clicked on it (with this tracking viewable either from the front or back-end)?  Alternatively, is there a setting in the Admin Console to add a button to the Actions menu that when clicked will track who clicked it, similar to how the "Like" function works where you can see who has liked a document?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Ted Hopton

          I'd suggest posting this in the Jive Developers space, Morgan. Should be a way to create a simple tracking tool, but it's beyond my skillset.


          I can think of things like a link to a Smartsheet or Google Form but people would have to enter their names manually and it would be better if you were able to grab their username from Jive and use that to populate a list. But if manual entry is okay, that would be dead simple.

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            You may also want to check out TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls.  I think their forms might do what you want.  Steven Green, can you lean in on this one?

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                Steven Green

                Thanks b.taub for bringing me into the conversation.  Yes, you can achieve this end result with TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls.  If this was the only use case, then the license cost would likely not work.  If there is also an interest in deeply integrated Survey, Form and Poll functionality, then I'd be happy to see if we can help.

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                I was trying to do a similar thing but couldn't find a way through!  The idea was to have the critical New Starter docs on the intranet - including Health and Safety - the new starter reads the docs then clicks the box to notify you this has been read.  This then gives HR and H&S the required proof docs have been read.  This would also be useful where we have a change of policy and everyone needs to read and confirm an action. I will follow this thread with interest.

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                  Helen Chen

                  Could you link the image to a Jive document that just thanks the user for reading the document and acknowledging completion?  Then you could just dump the list of users viewed the acknowledgement page using DES.  Personally, I would dump both the views of the content page and then the ack page to see if they correlate, just to test the process.

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                    In thinking about this more there are a couple of other ways to track this:


                    1: Low tech - Add a table at the end of the document and instruct users to edit the document and add  their name to a row in the table, then save.  Simplest is sometimes best.


                    2. DES:  The Data Export Service tracks just about everything you do in Jive and who did it.  Structured Outcomes, such as marking the document as Helpful or Liking it, as you mentioned are both tracked.  At the risk of being self-serving - the DES can be daunting and arcane.  Our product, InSite for Jive makes it much simpler to work with.  More info here: InSite for Jive: Analytics and Campaign Automation for Employee and Customer Communities  and here: Home | 411Labs, Inc .


                    I take it this is for something like HR onboarding documents where you would normally need a signature or reader initials to legal acknowledge receipt and that the reader understands the information conveyed?