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    Measuring who's using Jive for Office


      Is there a way to track who has installed Jive for Office and how often they're using it?

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          Keeley Sorokti

          In the Jive Data Export Service you can see how a particular user uploaded file (with Jive for Office or in web). I don't have the details with me right now, but I have been exploring this question too. There is no way out of the box. You have to dig really deep and get to know DES -- unless someone can tell me I'm wrong. We are working with Benjamin Taub at 411 Labs using their InSite product -- I think they are working on a way to help us with this.  Sorry I'm being vague. Happen to be in here late because our Cloud community has been down for a really long time and I'm killing time. I bet Ben can help out!


          See: Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)

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              Hey Keeley,

              Thanks for the shout-out on 411Labs.com and InSite for Jive.


              I have a partial answer for you now, and will investigate to get the other half for you.


              In the release of InSite we just delivered last week, we began pulling some additional DES fields.  One of them is called We.UserAgent field.  That field contains information about the environment the user was using when that row was recorded in the DES.


              At a minimum, it will give you:

              Operating System: Windows, OSX(Mac), iOS(iPad, iPhone), Android, etc.

              Browser: Chrome, FireFox, Jive App., etc.

              Device Form Factor: tablet or phone


              So you will be able to produce InSite CVs (Custom Views) that will tell you if the user was on a mobile device or a laptop when they undertook certain activities (e.g. viewed content, or commented).


              However, we will be taking the wraps of on this field slowly, because it is another array field, which mean that if you want to see operating sytem and browser as separate fields it will have to be parsed.


              The other issue is that Web.UserAgent is largely undocumented, so we will be exploring the data collected in it with you - to be able to determine if specific content was viewed via Jive for Office, as an example - but I suspect that it is in there.  You just need to understand that the field is a lot like the data version of your junk drawer in your kitchen.  Much of what you need is in there.  You just have to find it.


              Hope that helps.



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              Keeley Sorokti

              Dug out some csv files I downloaded out of DES.


              There is a column called Web.AppID and it will either be web, office (meaning Jive for Office), or outlook (meaning Jive for Outlook). And each row of data shows the user who did a particular thing (view, update, etc).

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                  I’m checking to see if the same data in Web.AppID is contained in Web.UserAgent.  Web.UserAgent Is sort of an industry standard, so it is possible that the data is collected via Web.UserAgent and then is split by Jive into these other fields - including Web.AppID.


                  Will let you know what we find.



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