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    Hey TemboSocial!

    Libby Taylor

      Hi Brennan Kirby and Steven Green,


      I'd like to get a quote for reconnecting TemboSocial surveys back into AureaWorks. I realize in the past this service was probably part of a JW sponsorship, so please let me know what the straight up annual cost would be instead. FYI Sarah O'Meara





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          Steven Green

          Hi Libby,


          Thanks for thinking of TemboSocial!  We actually have an entirely new integration for Jive that allow you to create, publish and report on surveys, forms and polls directly from within Jive.  Also allows for personal accounts and Email Invitations outside the system.  We've been having a lot of success with the solution over the past year and recently deployed at Cleveland Clinic, Cenovus, Eagle, San Manuel, AMEX, RBC, etc.


          Here is a video of the new integration: Enterprise Admin for TemboSocial Surveys, Forms and Polls - YouTube


          The annual license is $25k. If you want to have a demo of the new version, just let me know and we can connect any time you are free.


          Thanks again,



          416-588-7324 x111