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    Does the tag cloud in v 9.03 work as expected (i.e. reduce when a first tag is chosen, and so on)


      We may be upgrading to v 9.03 soon. During one of the v 8 upgrades, a bug in the tag cloud happened, which seriously derailed a project I was working on.   It was fixed in 8.04.0 but I am only now pushing to restart the effort.


      I want to make sure there is no risk of the same Tag Cloud issue recurring in v 9.03 before I go any further, but we haven't upgraded to 9.03 yet.


      Is anyone running v 9.03?   Could you verify that the tag cloud works properly?   By that I mean that when one tag is selected the cloud gets smaller and is based on the tags used in the content that is remaining.


      For example, if there are 1,000 pieces of content and you click "tag A", it reduces and shows a new tag cloud which is based only on other tags also used on content which contained "Tag A".    As more tags are selected it reduces further, and there is no chance of finding a combination that produces Zero pieces of content as there would be if I searched for a combination of tags a different way.