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    Is it possible to post on behalf of a member?


      I need to be able to post for another employee that cannot post for himself right now.

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            To build on what Megan said about logging in as that employee, it sounds like it is one person and is perhaps a one-time thing. If you have the permission of your employee, you can change their password (so they don't have to tell you what their personal password is) in the admin console by searching for their user and selecting Change Password. You can then log in as them and all the employee has to do after they are ready to take back their account is to change the password after logging in (make sure you provide them with the password you used to log in) which they can do by selecting Change Password in the personal menu under their avatar. Just make sure to get permission if that is the route you take

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            In my experience you can't change the password if you have federated users using SSO , unless you unfederate them first and then generate a password.   They will not be able to log back in with SSO  until you federate them again. Unfederating a user has risks as well, for example our SSO uses Dual authentication and unfederating a user removes that security


            From a data/information security perspective it's poor practice (albeit low risk on a closed platform) to login as another user and you're depending on the user to go back and generate a new password. I understand this may be an exceptional one time activity and if you need to generate a password, at least make it a strong temporary password.


            From an engagement perspective, I would also have concern about a user "posting" something on a social platform which they can't engage with(answering comments, etc.) it can do more harm than good. Again, this may not be a concern given your user or use cases in your community, just something to consider.


            This is really a lack in functionality in the Jive platform. There should be a way to assign delegates for posting content. In terms of core functionality vs additional cost since it is available.



            Side Note: I searched Ideas for Jive for this but didn't see much , because it seems this is being de-emphasized ( Sarah O'Meara is this true? I had a hard time finding jive ideas except through search , it's not available as a content type in some areas, and I couldn't find an area to ask  a question directed at Jive instead of my peers or I would have posted this there).

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              Helen Chen

              Grazitti also has an Add-on for ghost publishing.  I have been using it for a few months and find it quite helpful. 

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                Hi all. Thank you to everyone for the good insights and advice. @Jessica Rafter aptly touched on the kind of situation I was in. My members reach my community through a proprietary site portal with an SSO. In instances where a member has an issue in the community, I have an impersonating capability through the portal to help me figure out the problem.

                The issue I was facing last Friday was a last-minute request to post for a VIP. I saw the VIP had a community account, so I assumed I could make the post. But, I found that this person did not have a portal account so I could not utilize the impersonating feature in the portal.

                I chatted briefly with a development partner who suggested what Jessica did about unfederating the user and the risks in doing so. I did not think this was the way to go.

                Here’s where it gets weird.

                I tried using the admin backdoor login communityurl/admin. On a lark knowing it wouldn’t work I tried using the VIPs community credentials. It didn’t work. But, then I went back into the portal to log back into the community to figure something else out and it directed me to the VIPs community account. It should not have done that. I did go in and make the post as promised. But, I logged out and walked away like it was a haunted house.

                I logged back in a couple of hours later and everything was back to normal and I could not replicate the experience.

                As a side note, I agree with Jessica about posting for someone else. That’s not what I want to be doing in my new community, so I’ll have to work that out with my team going forward.

                I don’t know if my experience will help anyone, but I thought I’d close the loop on my story.

                Thank you again for all the advice, everyone!

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                    As a rule, I am against the delegate access/ghost blogging thing and for my three years at Citi, we refused all requests from users for this functionality. But in my current role we have a senior leadership team that travels extensively internationally and it is often much easier to have the ability to post for them rather than wait for them to do it themselves. We are not writing for them, only posting final posts on their behalf. and they are responding to their own comments. It is a good tool to have in your back pocket, as long as you keep tight control of it and only allow a very few people to have access.

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