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    First experience with Lyris?

    Martin Ehret

      Hi Community,

      In my opinion, Lyris is an optimal extension of the AUREA CRM solution and a real added value for CRM Enterprise customers. We therefore want to sell this expansion especially to existing customers and have a concrete interest in 2-3 customers. How does it look for you?


      I'm particularly interested in:

      • What is your experience with different browsers? Depending on the functionality I have issues with every single browser, the best results I have so far achieved in Firefox.
      • Does the bi-directional interface Lyris-CRM work? How much time did you invest to get it work?
      • How do you manage double opt in functionality? 
      • Who makes the HTML templates available? The marketing agency of the customer? What specification did you provide for this?
      • Do you use the newsletter functionality only or also triggered e-mails? How does the use case look with CRM-integration?


      Any further thoughts are highly appreciated.


      Best regards,




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          Hi, Martin,

          I have the same opinion that this in connection with AureaCRM is a great tool, would have the same questions and would like to add me.

          We haven't any customer of the Lyris yet, but we have already received some inquiries.

          I show what I can show from today's point  at every presentation.

          regards Erich

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            I appreciate your intiative. I plan to organize a workshop reagrding marketing automation with a handful customers. It is the "ZUKUNFTSWERKSTATT" - a workshop series with varying content - please let me know if we can connect our both expertise to share. I did not finalize the agenda. Please let us have a 1:1 call.



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              Hello Martin Ehret


              Indeed good to know that the ACRM-Lyris integration looks & serves as promising as it is.

              I recently came across an issue where the context menu in Campaign Designer was not working with Firefox v57, but it worked well with Google Chrome v63 & that came in from Ajco Solutions

              For Lyris HQ, I specifically use Firefox but anything specific that you face with other browsers as such?


              By bi-directional interface, I suppose you mean the Sync-middleware configuration & that is something which works well but has some occasional hiccups which will be sorted out. However at the customer/partner end, it will be a as simple as setting up the parameters in Designer.


              I also hope you are aware of the https://go.aurea.com/aurea-email-marketing-training-webinars which has some nice training to have a look at.




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                Martin Ehret,


                thank you for bringing up this topic as it is obvious that many partners and also customers are still unclear about where we are with the CRM <> Campaign Manager (CM) integration.


                So, let me address some of your questions one-by-one.


                Q: What is your experience with different browsers? Depending on the functionality I have issues with every single browser, the best results I have so far achieved in Firefox.

                The Aurea Support Portal's startpage provides a short answer WRT browser support.

                Effective 10.31.16,Google chrome no longer supports Adobe Flash-we encourage you to use Firefox as on alternative. If you are using the latest version of Firefox, it may be blocking Adobe Flash Player, thus disrupting your ACM (Lyris HQ) experience.


                This can be overcome by completing these steps:

                       1. Go to Settings.

                       2. Click “Addons”.

                       3. Click “Plugins”.

                       4. Uncheck the “Block dangerous and intrusive Flash content”.

                Important: Only perform these steps if you are unable to access all screens in Aurea Campaign Manager (Lyris HQ)


                Q: Does the bi-directional interface Lyris-CRM work? How much time did you invest to get it work?

                The bi-directional interface basically has two main endpoints on the Campaign Manager side:

                1. The API which CRM.web and CRM.server call to transfer list, contact, and message information, and to receive updates on segment creation.
                2. The Message Queue (MQ) where CRM.server is listening to receive updates (aka messages) on send, open, click, bounce, subscribe and unsubscribe information.


                Setting up the integration is pretty straight forward.

                1. Request credentials for MQ via a support ticket
                2. Set up API credentials in CM
                3. Update CRM.designer web configuration parameters
                4. Extend CRM.server settings with MQ topics


                To be on the safe side we encourage customers and partners to establish a dedicated CRM.server for the processing of the incoming messages. Especially with high volumes of MQ updates CRM.server might have conflicts with other - CRM related - tasks to work on in parallel.


                In general the bi-directional interface works very reliably. However, recently we have experienced a few stability issues with MQ we are addressing at the moment. Those issues result in longer waiting times for messages to be created and delivered.


                Q: How do you manage double opt in functionality?

                The double opt-in feature requires to set up a list with a minimal set of attributes (read: CRM mandatory fields) and a sign-up form in Elabs - the admin back end of Campaign Mananger.

                A wizard walks the admin through the form creation process and also allows to format HTML code if required.

                As a result the admin gets HTML code that needs to be hosted on a customer's web server. And might look something like this example page here.


                If a person signs up for a newsletter the system will send an email confirmation to the subscriber. As long as the subscriber has not confirmed the subscription, she will not be added to the list - and subsequently not to ACRM.

                After confirmation of the subscription the subscriber will get the status "active" and a hidden (system) field called Double opt-in is set to true. (in general, we also allow enrollment without double opt-in).

                Only if a record has both attributes (status = active, Double opt-in = true) assigned a message will be sent to ACRM for further processing.



                1. If DoubleOptin attribute is true check if Company with contact email address exists in CRM
                2. If Company doesn't exist, check if Company with domain exists in CRM
                3. If Company with domain exists, check if there is a PersonInCompany with contact email
                4. If PersonInCompany doesn't exist, create one
                5. If Company with email or domain doesn't exist in CRM, check if there is Person (PE) with contact email
                6. If Person doesn't exist create one


                Makes sure to provide a proper field mapping in the web configuration parameters.

                Setting name: Lyris.DoubleOptinMapping

                Setting type: Character

                Value format: infoAreaId:demographicId=fieldId,demographicId=fieldId|infoAreaId..

                Example of value: FI:1=5,2=8|KP:1=4,2=19,3=8|PE:1=2,2=7



                I hope this will help better understand where we are and what the solution supports today.


                Looking forward to an interesting discussion.



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                  Hello guys!


                  Do you already work with lyris? Is it possible to post some problems and their solutions?


                  On our system we only can try it as "SU" though we have no restrictions for other users.


                  It would be nice if you can post some experiences.


                  Best regards!