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    How can I import from OneNote?


      A lot of my existing documentation is in OneNote files. As a new user for Jive, what is the best way to import my Notebooks in OneNote to Jive?

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          Andrew Gilleran

          You would have to export the OneNote notebooks or sections individually as Word or PDF files and then bring them back into Jive (File > Export in desktop OneNote 2013/2016 only - not an option for the Windows 10 app). There is no direct integration as far as I know. If you have the Jive Office plugin you can re-publish a notebook or section very easily after exporting from OneNote. Otherwise it's uploading the Word docs or PDFs as files. Or copy and paste from Word into a Jive native document. Depends on how many documents you have in OneNote and how it is structured. Hope that helps.

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