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    Notifications and password reset e-mails not coming in. Bounce list?

    marta_grafiti Novice

      Hello team,


      recently any e-mail messages (notifications, password reset messages etc.) are not coming to neither me nor our client anymore. E-mails do get received, however, by coworkers of both of us, which proves it's not a matter of our servers, rather of the specific e-mail addresses.


      I've done some digging on the forum here, and found out that this kind of issue is usually caused by e-mail addresses getting on the so-called 'bounce list'. Would it be possible for you to check, if the following e-mail addresses are in fact on that list, and remove them, if necessary? What causes e-mail addresses to get on that list in the first place?


      The e-mails are: marta@grafiti.com.pl tatsiana.parkhotsik@getfresh.pl


      I'd really appreciate your help. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me.


      Thanks for your great work,