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    Does anyone have a policy of moving, archiving or deleting personal blog posts of people who have left the company?

      My policy as a Jive sys admin for 10 years has always been to de-activate users when they leave the company and leave all of their content as it was. We never delete users because that would delete their content everywhere in the community, potentially causing havoc in various ways.


      I've been asked if this is what other companies do, and I know from talking to hundreds of Jive customers over the past decade that it is, but I am curious if there are any exceptions out there: does anyone delete users instead of de-activating them? Does anyone have a policy to actively manage departed users' personal blog posts?


      As any Jive admin knows, there are no tools in Jive to efficiently manage posts in users' personal blogs. Through testing, I have found that with Full Access system administrator privileges I can move users' personal blog posts to a place in Jive, but there is no bulk management option: I'd have to move each one separately. That's not an appealing prospect and seems a waste of valuable sys admin resources' time. Further, I just can't see any need to do it, except from a desire to clean out all old content from the community.