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    What is happening to this product?


      First it was pulled from Android store, now it seems like it is pulled from the Mac and iOS stores. Essentially this seems dead. We just changed our company over to this product from Wunderlist due to it on EoL after being sold to Microsoft. I was assured by someone at AureaWorks that Producteev is NOT EoL and will continue to be supported. If this is not true this company owes it to us to tell its customers what is going on. I am happy that I only did the premium for one month because if I was still paying for the premium product and it was dying as it seems to be, you can guarantee our company would pursue action in court. Tell us what is going on or give the apps back. Luckily the website is still working so we aren't completely in the dark but this is shady tactics by a company.

      Sarah O'Meara