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    Spanish Translation?


      Does Jive offer a Spanish translation platform for its communities? We have Associates who would like to be able to access our community in their primary language, which is Spanish.

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Jane,


          Having just posted some content for a German speaking community in AureaWorks, I know that there are a few translation options.


          If users indicate their language preference in their member profile, they will see all system generated text (headings, menus, labels etc) translated into the language they've selected.


          Any content that is custom created, either via an HTML tile, or a graphic image, or content that is written and uploaded as a file by another user does not get translated. That said, sometimes the user's browser will recognize that a foreign language doc is being viewed and ask if the user wants to have it translated (this happens in Chrome, for example).


          So not a 100% solution but comes pretty close if your community is using all out of the box tiles and using only native Jive docs.


          Does that make sense?

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            Sayoda Saydalieva

            are you looking for automated content translation?