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    Add Footer to News Digest (for Unsubscribe)

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      Hi there,


      We have had complaints from our customers that the News Digest gets sent to them and doesn't have the unsubscribe option at the bottom like the rest of the Community-generated messages.  I understand they can go into their preferences and change the frequency of the Digest, but I would like to add the unsubscribe link.  We are being accused of not following the US CAN-SPAM Act.


      I see in the Admin system settings message template (Template named "Email Digest (Daily, SemiWeekly, Weekly)" that it states the footer needs to be specifically added and that "jive.digest.includeHeaderAndFooter" should be set to true.  I found where the footer code is supposed to go in the HTML block, but what is the exact code I am supposed to put?  Do I just put "jive.digest.includeHeaderAndFooter=true" with nothing else surrounding it?  I'm a marketing person, not a coder, so I'm not quite sure what the exact code is!


      Any ideas?

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          First and foremost, the digests do not fall under the US CAN-SPAM Act. I can go into detail if you wish, but simply put it is not a "Commercial Content", unless you've added things to the template which advertises or promotes a commercial product or service,


          That said you can add the following to the Messaging templates to assist the users.



          You may unsubscribe or adjust email frequency in your email preferences (${instanceURL}user-preferences!input.jspa).



          <p style="color: #777;">You may unsubscribe from ${communityName}, or adjust email frequency in your <a href="${instanceURL}user-preferences!input.jspa">email preferences</a>.</p>
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