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    Members in a public (not restricted) group




      can anyone explain to me how a public group (not a restricted public group) can have members? Do not all followers have the same rights (except for the admin of the group)?


      When clicking on the members, you go to the same page as when you click on the followers... so you don't have a clue who are these two that have other rights than the rest...


      thanks for your feedback!


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          Interesting question ...


          Looks like in case of a public group a follower is considered to be a member of the group.

          In terms of rights it should not make a difference with a non-follower.


          An owner of such a group is considered to be a member and follower as well.


          If you'd like to know who is the owner of the group you can go to the tab 'People' inside the group.

          On the left side you'll see "Owned by".

          Or you can click the info in the upper right corner which will list them on the bottom of the splash screen.

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              Hello Günter,


              thanks for your quick feedback.


              If a follower is considered to be a member of the group, then why is there a split in the screen shot above?
              I should see 63 followers, or 63 members, that would make sense. Now I see 61 followers & 2 members. So I wonder who are these 2 :-)


              Concerning the owner, I already see his name appearing in the screen shot above as well... (by clicking on the info button above right in the group).


              Also in the reporting, I have a column with members and a column with followers in public groups. Very strange.


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                  I'm always lucky to pick out the exceptions ...


                  Checked another group and for that one the theory follower = member isn't correct ... should have double checked.

                  5 equaled 5 so made sense ...


                  Started of this group as a non-public group with 4 admins and 1 member.

                  Changed it into a public group and in the information screen it shows 5 members.

                  Where you would expect it would only count the admins.


                  If you click on the members in case of a non-public group you get a URL like ".../people/?filterID=place_member"
                  In case of a public group the filter isn't added and you're redirected to the "followers" which doesn't make sense.

                  They should just remove the "members" from the UI in this case.


                  As adding the "place_member" filter to URL leads to an error, the only way to get track of the member(s) I can come up with is to change the group type for a second.


                  Update: raised a support case for this in the meantime

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