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    Can anyone get TOC or anchors to work in Jive Daily App?

    Keeley Sorokti

      In our internal cloud community, we always try to design for the optimal Jive Daily App experience. We cannot get Table of Contents links to work in Jive Daily (version 2.24.0) so we tried html anchors to see if that would work. I got really excited because the anchor links seem to be working for me, but only on one document and not another that has anchors. Mary Garwood has experienced the same as me -- the anchors work in Jive Daily when you first put them into a document but then stop working without a change to the html code. She has also gotten TOC links to work in the past but now they are not working for her.


      Here is example Anchor code we are using



      <p><span style="color: #00a0d3; font-size: 22px;"><strong><img alt="" class="j-img-floatstart image-4" src="/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/102-32461-35-68992/Link-rgb+%281%29.jpg" style="height: 42px; float: left;" width="78" __jive_id="68992" />Field Quick Links</strong></span><a name="quick"></a></p>




      <a href="#quick">Go back to Quick Links at the top.</a></em></strong></p>


      This is truly puzzling. Any ideas?  We will open a case because this seems like a bug to me, but just wondering if others have experienced the same thing.


      Community platforms MUST be mobile friendly especially for our main use case: Sales and Systems Engineers who are on the road.


      cc: Tracy Maurer