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    Compressed (or encoded) results coming from REST API


      I am  working against the REST API for Jive's sandbox. I have been writing some small programs (in .NET C#) to automate some tasks using the REST API against the sandbox just for some proof of concepts. Here are a few things I noticed:


      1.)    I uploaded a file and then tried to down load it. The results seem to come back compressed as the file is compressed in Jive. I did not add it as a compressed file, but Jive seemed to add the .zip extension.

      Can I turn that off?


      2.) When I run a curl command like the following:


      $ curl -X GET "https://sandbox.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents" --basic --user <my username>


      I would expect just a json string as a result. But for some reason, that comes back as compressed data, or encoded…just like the above. Sometimes however, it does return as string. Is there a way to control this?


      Thanks in advance.