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    Email on Bounce List??


      We have a user that needs to reset his
      password.  He has attempted to do it through the Producteev reset password
      link, but has not been successful.  His email notifications are sent to lmichaellanders@yahoo.com and that
      is the email that he uses to sign in, but when he goes to enter his email for
      the forgot password link, it is not recognizing lmichaellanders@yahoo.com, it only
      recognizes his other email address which is ml@bellmanage.com.
      We had tried to change his email through Producteev some time ago to use the ml@bellmanage.com address, but it continues
      to send notifications to lmichaellanders@yahoo.com.
      So now Producteev seems to be confused about which email account he uses.
      Even when he sends the forgot password email to ml@bellmanage.com, he is not receiving the
      link at that address to change his password.  If possible, can you please
      change his email address to send the notifications to ml@bellmanage.com (this email account might
      be on the bounce list) and reset his password, please?


      Thank you!