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    Problems with the filter by date created


      I'm seeing what I think is a new problem with the filter by date created, specifically with blogs.

      We use blogs in our corporate only space to say happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc, in part because they can be scheduled well in advance.

      I've noticed what I think is a new issue when I filter by date created, it's sorting them based on the date they were scheduled, not the date they were posted:


      Here are the blogs I see first when I sort by date created. The first three dates are 4/3, 4/3 and 3/30


      This blog when opened fully and not viewed in the content list has a date of 3/31, so it should show up near the top of my list.



      When I go back a few weeks, I can see all the birthday/anniversary posts that have been scheduled, and there's that post, only now it's listed as created 2/20


      I've started a support ticket, but am being told the filter is designed to display blog posts in the order they were created, which means a block of birthday posts scheduled two months in advance will not show at the top of the date created filter, even though when viewed, they show the date as the date the content was published to the community. Even if this isn't a bug, this can't possibly be the best way to use a date created filter. A user looking for the most recent birthday posts isn't going to go back to the block of time all the posts were created!