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    URGENT - Notifications to email account not coming in. Bounce list?


      Hi, I have an URGENT problem in that my Zoho mail (where I normally receive notifications) has stopped receiving them.


      This problem has occurred from last Wed night March 28 until now (see screenshot).  The notifications have previously been coming through from our Project Management system Producteev (producteev.com , the mail is always no-reply@producteev.com). I am however still receiving these notification within the Producteev system but have to check manually.   I’ve inserted their domain (www.producteev.com) on the Zoho email settings Whitelist but this still isn’t working.  Does this have something to do with the Bounce list? 


      What has changed?


      All Producteev notifications need to go to peter@i-build.com.au which is as per the current Producteev notification setting.


      Can you help please ASAP?


      Thanks in advance.


      Peter Kiraly