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    We have been placed on a bounce list again


      Hello Producteev team,


      we love your work, but sadly, we're experiencing another problem with the notifications not coming through, so I kindly ask for your assistance again. Last time I've received help from Sarah O'Meara , would you be able to find a minute for me now as well?


      The e-mail domains that need to be removed from the list (preferably for good), are @grafiti.com.pl and @getfresh.pl . From what I've checked, there will be multiple addresses registered at these domains, as none of my coworkers, and none of the client's employees receive notifications right now.


      Is it possible to tell what determines one's journey to the bounce list? We've been there once already, I was hoping it would be just a one-time deal.


      I'm looking forward for your reply.


      Thank you,