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    Jive for Outlook ignores user's locale settings for date display


      Way back in October 2015 I raised a support case after I noticed that Jive for Outlook (v30.3.5 at that time) was ignoring the Jive user's locale setup and was always displaying dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.

      The majority of our users are in Australia, where the locale date format is "dd/mm/yyyy", so the above would normally be interpreted as September 6th not June 9th. This was promptly allocated to a bug (JENSO-7691), and I had hope that it would be corrected eventually.


      After our 2017.1.1 upgrade the bug was marked as resolved despite the issue still being present.

      Recent response from Jive Support was that engineering were not going to fix this bug (I expect dues to it's age and being related to an outdated version of the Plugin, though it could also be that we are a very small instance and are primarily in the wrong hemisphere).


      I am currently using Jive for Outlook v30.7.54, and the same issue still exists.


      Now I know that there are some very large Jive-n deployments (many 100s of thousands, and some very large multi-national companies) so I am hoping that someone else has encountered this problem and has also filed a case for it.