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    Is anyone experiencing issues with Top + Trending?


      Over the past couple of weeks we've had several very old posts (2, 3 and even 4 years old) come up on our overview page within Top + Trending. People see them there and assume the content is new and comment on it. I've had to hide several of these posts in a private archive group to get them off of the page since they were creating new activity that wasn't warranted. One just popped up again this morning from two years ago.


      This has happened a couple of times in the past and I even opened a case about it one time to ask why this was happening. The support rep said that the comments were causing the issue – when a person comments on or likes  old content it the algorithm sees it as of interest again. I don't think it's happening that way, though. Especially with this newer "wave." People seem to be finding the content on the page and then engaging with it from the feedback I've heard.


      I'm curious if any other customers have seen this behavior.