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    How to search for people based on specific tag(skill) using the api?

    joel.gralton Novice

      I'm trying to develop a search feature for a custom tile that will take a search query and return a list of users who's skills (or tags as they are logged in the api) match.

      I can see here : Jive REST API v3.14 → Search service  that there is a GET /search/people service that can be used and it takes a filter of tag but I can't seem to get correct results. I either get no response or one that I know isn't correct.


      Performing a GET call to jiveInstance/api/core/v3/search/people?filter=tag(web,twitter) returns a

      • message: "You must specify a search filter with at least one keyword"

      And I can see based on the docs that a search filter MUST be included, but I just want it to return ALL the users that match a tag and don't know what should be used as the search query to achieve this.

      If I use the same word for both the tag filter and the search filter it works



      But if I need to include a second tag it breaks and returns nothing, not even an error


      • itemsPerPage: 25,
      • list: [ ],
      • startIndex: 0



      Just looking to find out what the best practise is to return a list of users based on a search query that matches a skill/tag in their profile.