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    Using Task Feature for serious use


      Hi Team,

      We are using jive (Collaborate tool) quite often and I can see it has a lot more potential then other competitor, but the features set jive tool provides currently is still very vanilla and does not have much configurations to do.

      We are looking forward to leverage Task feature in the Collaborate Project outside Jira, since we all know jira is the best tool for project management and task management, but for a smaller and simpler task feature we would like to give a short with Jive over Jira, since it has notification features and people usually visit this jive tool quite often.


      Some of serious feature a task must have. (We are using REST API's to create tasks)


      1. access control on task (not everyone should be allowed to see, update, modify and delete the task) otherwise people can change whatever they want in someone else's tasks if they are member of the project

      2. option to allow non-memeber of group/project or guest user to see and complete only their task (task visibility)

      3. option to control notification on task creation/completion. (creator would not like to receive so many notifications if they are bulk task)

      4. option to share reminders for the tasks

      5. option to filter task with name/date/status/description etc

      6. option to comment/question on the task (probably discussions)

      7.allow user to create subtask on the task and not allow to edit and delete main tasks .

      8. option to allow user to reassign this task to someone else (while creating the task, author can configure the task is transferable of not)

           I know we have option to complete someone else's task and that person become owner, but do you think anyone would do this

      9. audit logs on tasks (in case of changed, reassigned etc)


      Please note there are also so many bugs in collaborate (Jive) application.

      in the project selection (under the group) if we are looking for hide/delete some feature, they does not go and reappear.




      Manish Bansal