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    License for unlimited quests in Rewards, but receiving message that we're limited to 5 quests and negatively impacts campaign plans.


      We're at the mercy of Aurea to update this issue as we're an external community on the Jive platform and we have a license for unlimited quests in Rewards (it has been confirmed), but unfortunately, we're now receiving the below message and cannot create any new quests in Rewards. Is anyone else receiving this message in error?


      You have a basic license, which limits the number of quests to 5. Upgrade to Premium in order to create unlimited quests.


      This timing couldn't be worse as it negatively impacts a campaign starting this week - one of the last items on the launch checklist was to create the quests and now I can't. Thus, I need to go back and revise how we're supporting/running this campaign, which is a little frustrating.


      I've opened a case with Lithium regarding it, but there isn't much they can do as they're waiting for Aurea to resolve it. Aurea, do you have an ETA on when this will be resolved? Please advise.


      I've been removed from the Customers - Jive Hub recently too, so I can no longer access platform information there anymore. Has there been any communication on this issue?