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    Can someone give guidance on creating a Rewards Quest triggered from another system?

    tmaurer Jive SME

      Raj Vachhani and I are working together to try and get completion of a Cornerstone training to trigger the award of a Quest badge in Jive. Wondering if anyone has experience to share, or guidance on URL formatting, etc.


      Thanks in advance!

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          tmaurer Jive SME

          Ryan Rutan, Will Rose - can you guys offer anything? I've seen the documentation, https://docs.jivesoftware.com/cloud_int/comm_mgr/jive.help.rewards/#admin/RewardingActivityfromOtherSystems.html. but it really isn't super detailed. I was wondering if there is something else posted somewhere that I am missing, or any words of wisdom in terms of using this.


          Or if there is anyone else using Cornerstone who might have advise here. So far, it doesn't look like the Cornerstone API will be of much help to us, but was hoping someone like Stephan Mueller-Ziebur or someone at Pokeshot, or maybe Donna Garber or someone at Hitachi might be able to offer some suggestions. I seem to remember they were working on some integrations with Cornerstone and perhaps turned something up in the process.


          Thanks in advance for any suggestions here!!

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              Ryan Rutan Guru

              Hey Tracy, =)


              So there are two ways to achieve this capability, but in reality, there is only 1 true way to implement. =)  I threw together this diagram really quick to try and help grasp how to use it.

              Disclaimer: Public documentation is pretty lean with regards to Cornerstone, but given it's maturity, I'm assuming that there is either an Admin Console mechanism to configure "onCourseComplete" style notifications to an external system (see: Direct), and/or a Webhooks API mechanism that can be leveraged to connect a third party listener (See  Event Listener)


              There are two ways you can transmit data to Jive Rewards, and two strategies for how to curate rewards.

              • Transmission
                • Client-side
                  • Pros
                    • If you have a means of running Javascript in Cornerstone in an experience where a course is completed, this could be an easy way to trigger the event to Jive Rewards (very similar to the example in the documentation)
                  • Cons
                    • If you have people like me, who are nosy ... they can inspect the payload ... grab the secret, event ID and tenant ID and manually invoke the call. 
                      Also, sending a user's email address across the wire client-side isn't a great idea, but depending on how your network routes are setup, it may not be a problem.
                • Server-side
                  • Pros
                    • Better, more reliable and secure means of communicating status
                  • Cons
                    • Tends to require additional setup, services, middleware and management, but with modern cloud architectures, cost and maintenance are less of an issue.
              • Reward Strategy
                • Individual - Answers the question ... "User completed course ABC and DEF but not GHI"  (See: Event ID: COURSE_COMPLETE_ABC)
                  • Pros
                    • Fine grained events that can be used to create detailed reward scenarios
                  • Cons
                    • Requires the manual creation of Jive Rewards for EVERY event defined, this gets tedious fast
                • Group - Answers the question ... "User completed # of courses, or at-least 1 course" (See: Event ID: COURSE_COMPLETE)
                  • Pros
                    • Less time to setup and easier to integrate at scale
                  • Cons
                    • Lose visibility into what courses were completed.


              My recommended approach to integrate with Jive Rewards is an Event Listener Model (Pink), given it's flexibility and ability to inject business rules (which always seem to be a factor), but I'm also a fan of not complicating a solution when it doesn't have to be.  Depending on the requirements and individual platform capabilities, going direct from Cornerstone Admin console (Orange, if available) ... might be a good enough approach.



              Hope this helps clarify the picture for you, Tracy Maurer  =)


              For others that might like more help regarding gamification, integrations or what not, just let Ted Hopton or myself know and we will be more than happy to setup a call to see what's possible.

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