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    image Sizes - Subspaces


      hi guys, what is the size for a subspace banner? i can't find the spec on the image document. Thank you!

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          I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are asking. Sub-spaces and spaces have the same size banner image.


          And when you say it isn't in the image doc, do you mean, Optimal Image Sizes? I'd recommend including the link to the resource that you are referring to, both so that we're all on the same page, and so that people who have collaborated on the document get notified of your question and can help answer.

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            Hi Joanne - like in the doc Tracy mentions, you should be able to find these specs/details. Let us know if that helps!


            • 150px high; width is fluid/variable, so anticipate the image repeating, or seamlessly tile (horizontally only).
            • Alternately, no repeating, but identify a solid color for the image to transition to on the right side. Image can be transparent png with a fade on the right side (to transparent)
            • 1200px X 150px for place banners (Banner Sizing for Fluid Width )**
              • ** fyi, despite what this discussion indicates, a width of 1200 gets cut off in our instance (Jive-n cloud). for us, 1300 is the magic width.
            • You can also replace the stock OOTB banner.  see Can I replace the preset banner images in Jive-n and JiveX globally?