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    SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API) response code


      I am adding members to a security group using the SecurityGroup Service endpoint(API), on successfull request, i am getting 204(No content) instead of 201(created). What might be the reason for it?




      I am able to add members to security group successfully using API provided by JIVE. For this I am using Mozilla restClient plugin .


      There are 3 things to clarify.


      1. Once I run the API, i am able to add members to security group with response status as 204(No Content).

      Using Method type as post.

          But document says it should get Status code as 201(created) for successful request.



      What might be the reason for showing 204 instead of 201 status ?


      2. Can we get a real positive response code, which would allow us to have confirmation of the assignment .


      3. Is there a possibility to set the response status code  from Jive Server ? If yes, kindly provide the reference .


      Note: I am using Admin credentials as Basic authentication for restClient while using the API.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Janamejaya Umarji