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    Jive Outlook Addin




      We use the Jive addin for Microsoft Outlook and we use Outlook 2016 Pro Plus.

      Some users have an issue when they launch Outlook. The programm crash and they have the following error message:


      "jiveoutlookstartup86 has stopped working"


      Do you know something about this issue and do you have a fix?

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          I haven't heard that issue before - would recommend creating a support case. But there is a new version that is being released over the next week, so that might be the fix that you need. I'm not sure as we don't have the new version available yet.

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            Thank you for the answer.

            I'm unable to open a new case. When I try to do it, an error message appears which aware me that I can't select a space for my case.


            I'll check the new version and hope that it will fix our issue.

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                Hi Cesar Tenev ,


                In the meantime while you wait for the new version, you can contact your Community Admin who can take note of this issue your having, it's possible others at SG have had the same issue and they could give more insight on when the new version will come to your community as well as put a support ticket in for this issue.