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    When will there be improvements to Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook?

    tmaurer Jive SME

      [I realized that the answer I pointed to is only partial, so I'm going to ask the rest of the question and branch it, hoping for an answer to the rest.]


      When will there be some product enhancements to Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook? Specifically:

      • With the Preview feature found in the Jive for Office. It doesn't always work well.
      • With the ability to create a Blog post directly from Jive for Outlook (many execs live here, and this would enable them to quickly post a blog without logging into Jive first)
      • With the reports in the Admin Console.
        • The only ability to download the existing reports does not include usable data. It appears to contain a user ID number, but that can't be matched to a user anywhere, so there is no way to follow-up on the data, do any trending with it, etc.
        • Reports show data for the last 9 months only, and a date range can't be set. So to maintain any sort of stats, customers need to grab data on a very set schedule and save it.
        • The version usage graphs are broken and have been for a long time.
        • The version number displayed in the usage data doesn't match the version number displayed in the app, so it is unclear what version people are actually using.
        • The More link at the bottom of the usage graph doesn't work, and hasn't for a long time.