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    Anonymous or Private Questions??


      I know all the reasons why you WOULDN'T want to do this, so let's look past that.


      I'm wondering if there's a low customization/ low administrative burden(this is key because I'm responsible for all things community + user engagement +plus a large part of support) way for users to create a private question. A large component of our community is support and some folks can't get beyond feeling stupid or feeling they are supposed to already know. This is a larger cultural issue ( we even have people hesitant to email!). So ideally a way to address a question to our team while still keeping it within the community.


      I'm thinking about ways to tags groups of people??

      Maybe create a  hollow space users could tag on a private question, make that group private to our team but visible and then follow that groups activity feed?


      This isn't the highest priority for us, but it keep coming up and I want to have a better understanding of the options. Have others faced this issue? What did you do?

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          We allow people to email our team directly. That way, if they are reluctant to post something openly, we can instead post the question ourselves and have the answer surfaced that way. The only real issue is that you then need to make sure to share the post with the person so that they see when response is received.


          Ideally, if you can get others to mark that they have the same question or add comments to the post that the answer helped them as well, this can help people get over that fear of posting themselves.


          Good luck!

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              This is close to our current process and works ok, other than having to monitor multiple avenues and getting the dev team to post a user questions . We'll always have email since we're a  business intelligence shop and sometimes the questions contain sensitive data + historical process. I think if we continue to create value, we'll eventually overcome and cut down on the email use, but I'm just countering my thinking to make sure that it's technologically not worth our time right now vs. just being something I generally don't want to do

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                  It sounds like you have reasons beyond fear that make the current process a valuable one. If you did have those people posting in the community, you'd likely have to turn on moderation and clean things up before they posted, so really just shifting your work.


                  Look at it this way:

                  1. You are making sure the wrong things don't get posted
                  2. You are modeling behavior, both in posting and also in cleaning up what goes in, so that when people do start posting themselves, they understand the rules
                  3. You add value so that your role maintains importance to the organization in a very obvious way. CM is valuable, but often the value isn't obvious to others.