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    Getting "View Unavailable" message after adding custom view internal Tile.


      Hello ,


      We are trying to create a custom view tile using jive node sdk (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-141800#jive_content_id_Create_Custom_View_Tile_with_the_Jive_Node_SDK ) as jive add-on package. We are able to deploy the jive add-on package in jive community without any error but getting "View Unavailable" message after adding the tile. We can see an alert in deployed add-on package as well saying "Unable to unpack public resources required by this Addon."


      Please find below details.

      definition.json :


          "integrationUser": {

              "systemAdmin": false


          "tiles": [


      "displayName": "sample-tile",

                  "name": "sample-tile",

      "description": "sample-tile",

                  "style": "CUSTOM_VIEW",

      "displayWidth": "ALL",

      "dataProviderKey": "internal",

                  "pageTypes": [




                  "icons": {

      "16": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-xsmall.png",

      "48": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-small.png",

      "128": "https://developer.jivesoftware.com/DeveloperAssets/images/icons/jivedev-med.png"


      "view": "/public/tiles/sample-tile/view.html?features=responsive,tile&ts=1527577667452"





      meta.json :



          "package_version": "1.0",

          "id": "eb216f4b-8e35-440f-bfd2-eb5fa0de1804",

          "type": "client-app",

          "name": "sample-tile",

          "description": "Description for sample-tile",

          "minimum_version": "0080300000",

          "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

          "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

          "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

          "redirect_url": "%serviceURL%",

          "released_on": "2018-05-29T07:04:25.130Z",

          "service_url": "http://localhost"



      Getting below alert in deployed add-on package.




      Getting below message after adding custom tile.


      Can anybody please help here.