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    Printing Multiple Jive Documents


      Good Morning,


      We are working on our setup for Jive. One issue we are having is how to organize official manuals in Jive. For example we have a “Lending Manual” that is a long PDF document. When you search, Jive does a good job of knowing that the topic you are searching for is in the PDF. However, the user has to open the PDF and search again inside the PDF. So, we are breaking the manual down into sections and posting them as Jive documents. This works much better for the end user. Where I’m running into an issue is with auditing. Our auditors want a printed copy of our manuals. We have to open each individual Jive document and print or copy it into a Word doc. It gets even trickier if we have links in the manual to another page. The auditor wants that linked page printed and in the correct order. Did anyone else have a similar issue you’ve worked through? I’m going to play around with categories and tags to see if there is a good way to organize the documents when it comes time to print. Do you know if there is a way to export Jive documents? Somehow export all the manual’s documents to print at one time or merge into a single document? Thanks for any input!


      CC: Jeremiah Lovejoy