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    May I please purchase an export of my tasks?

    mistahdoom Novice

      I will gladly pay up to 500$ for an export of all my Producteev tasks.

      I was not aware of the Producteev discontinuation until just now. I'm very much a "task list" guy, and have thousands of personal tasks and dreams stored in Producteev, many of them input over the course of multiple years, that I have no means of recovering or reproducing. Dearest to me and most painful to lose would be my extensive bucket list of all the things I'd like to explore and try in my lifetime.  

      Please provide a means for me to access these tasks. I will mow your lawn, shine your shoes, wash the windows of your company: to great lengths would I go in exchange for this favor.

      Thank you for your consideration,
      Loyal Producteev evangelist since March 2012


      Update 8 June:

      I observe the Producteev servers are back up, and I exported my tasks: so my offer is now inactive. Thank you to all those responsible for enabling this access.