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    How does Notify Users work in News Streams?


      I set Notify Users to On. When I created content in the blog used in the stream. No one received notifications.

      1. Are notifications sent to Jive InBox or email inbox?

      2. Do users need to be following the blog/space, etc. or should notification be sent regardless if Notify is set to On.




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          When you opt to Notify Users, it will send an email to everyone subscribed to the stream - as long as they have logged into the community at least once (users who have accounts but haven't logged in will not receive emails).


          Also, you must have emails enabled for the community - if you turned emails off in the admin console, this option doesn't override that setting. Or...if you have allowed users the option to turn off all emails in their Preferences, this doesn't override that setting either.


          Check here: admin console > people > settings > global profile settings and scroll down to the very bottom. There is a dropdown with 3 choices. If you want to ensure that users receive emails from a news stream, you will need to select the one that says "Enable emails for all users" which means they no longer can choose to turn them all off (they can still individually turn them off). Otherwise, anyone who has turned all emails off will not receive the emails.


          Are users receiving other emails from the community?


          If all of these things seem to be set correctly and users are receiving other emails, then you may need to open a support case.

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