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    Import videos from Microsoft Stream?

    Andrew Gilleran

      We record a lot of meetings and demos over Skype for Business and upload them to Jive-n (cloud) for sharing. We will be switching to Microsoft Teams for messaging and comms in due course. Recording meetings can be done in Teams and are stored in Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream


      I can't import a video from Stream like I can with YouTube or Vimeo. Error: "We couldn’t find a video matching the URL you provided". But I can embed the video on an HTML tile in Jive and it works fine. Yes people can still download (from Stream) and upload a video to Jive but it's not a great user experience. Much easier to import.


      Azure Active Directory is working in the background in Stream from a permission basis. Stream is also pretty new so perhaps MS haven't ironed out all the kinks. I was wondering why the import wouldn't work but the embed does. I can only assume that the Microsoft URL is not configured to allow imports like YouTube which of course is public.