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    How to get video information from Jive Rest API Cloud

    james1.hicks Novice

      Looking to pull videos from RestAPI to create a custom video dashboard. I'm having trouble understanding how to even do that. The documentation Jive REST Rest API v3.4 → Video service  seems to suggest I need to find videoID, contentID, and contentType, but besides contentID, I cannot find the other IDS.


      Currently I am using the following endpoint to explore the content page that has the video but there doesn't seem to be any properties that links to the video directly for use for embedding/using as a src link:




      Is there a different way to go about this?


      Again, I am wanting to target a specific video and place that in a custom dashboard (we are making). What do I need?


      EDIT: To be clear, I am able to make calls successfully. I am having difficulty understanding how to get video src from API.


      Ryan Rutan do you have any idea?