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    Moderators have to moderate their own content?


      Lately it appears that even moderators of a space will see the moderation warning, and their own content will go into the moderation queue

      We have a test space called "sandbox' with moderation of Blog posts enabled.



      I added a moderation group has been added to the permissions of this space.



      ...and added my self to this group.



      Even though I am a moderator I still see the following warning when I try to post a blog to "sandbox".




      After posting my content still goes into the moderation queue.

      Yet a a moderator I can still open my inbox and approve my own content?



      Am I missing something? Why would a moderator have to accept their own content? Is this how this has always worked? I swear when I was testing this before moderators would be able to post content directly to a place with out having to separately accept their own content.