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    Ability to bulk remove additional approvers on documents?


      Hi Everyone,

      We're using Jive SBS on premise currently.

      We manage document approval on our spaces by defining them in the Admin tool under Spaces | Settings | Document Settings.

      This makes it so anyone publishing an article in that space, has to have it approved before it's officially published.

      One of the problems we've dealt with for years is how documents will accumulate approvers over time though.

      This often seems to occur as we change the approver of spaces:

      (Here we have an article pending approval of 3 people - but only 1 is set via the admin tool as defined above)


      Now I can fix these individually, by editing the article, expanding the advanced settings, and either removing the additional aprovers, or unchecking 'Require approval before publication'.

      (Unchecking 'Require approval before publication' seems to only impact the article, but the article must still adhear to the rules of the space, meaning even with it unchecked, the doc still requires the space approvers permission before it's published).


      This solution is ok for one offs, but I recently made the mistake of setting myself to the parent space approver.

      This inadvertantly placed me as a secondary/additional approver on thousands of articles.

      I now get notified of every single article modified on our community, and I have to remove myself, one at a time, handfuls every day.


      I would like to bulk clear additional approvers from every article on our community.

      I do not know of a method via the admin tool, or public facing UI, but if it's there I'm open to it.


      My most plausible solution I think is to utilize the API and programatically call each article by doc-id and clear the 'Require Approval Before Publication' value.

      I tried checking the API documentation for document objects(Jive REST API v3.14 → Document entity ), but I couldn't find what I was after.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on this type of problem?