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    Deleting Users to stay within License count



      In our business, we have had a lot of people contribute to our company and have gone on to do something else. I was recently approached by our new account manager that Aurea (Jive) are counting our inactive users towards our user count for our licenses. Has anyone else has this experience and do you have any experience in working with the new account management team explaining your business case?



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          That is very disconcerting! In the 10 years I've been working with Jive software, deactivated (inactive) users have NEVER been counted toward licensing. And since deleting users deletes content associated posted by that person, the vast majority of internal communities NEVER delete users.


          Pretty serious misunderstanding by your new account manager, or a change in policy that will have very far reaching implications for all customers using the Jive platform.


          Michelle Gantt - can you help provide some clarity here, either from your knowledge or by bringing in the right person to address this?

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            I recently sought clarification from Aurea on the license metering figure.


            It is my understanding:

            • License metering is Jive's point of reference for measuring and billing for registered users.
            • Registered users are measured by the count of visible enabled users who have logged in at least once.
            • External contributors aren't included in the licensing count.
            • Service accounts are not included in the licensing count.
            • Licences are measured on the last day of the month.

            There is no comparative report that can be pulled from CMR.  However, if you look in Jive admin console => advanced settings => people, and uncheck the deactivated users box, the number displayed should be close to the metered number.  Discrepancies may occur due to timing, eg. new users added after the end of the month when the licensing meter report was captured. The figure from the admin console may also include service accounts but these do not count towards registered users.  Service accounts are typically generic accounts utilised for purposes other than for accessing the community. Eg, Jive admin accounts and some application/services that require an account to access data within the community.


            It would be great if someone from Aurea could confirm if this information is accurate.