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    Newsfeeds and Blogs malfunctioning



      I am seeing a perplexing set of errors with our newsfeeds. We use blogs as the content type to push to newsfeeds, and have had these feeds set up since we launched. We haven't done much to change them since then (over a year ago) and I'm not sure if we set them up wrong in the first place, or if there's some kind of problem. I've never felt super confident that I understand how these feeds are set up, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      Two main issues:

      First, not all users are seeing the same content in the newsfeeds.

      Our Latest Communications feed is set up to pull in from five blogs:


      I ONLY see ConnectME Communications blogs, even though my permission group is included in the rule for all the blogs. I had two other members of the same permission group test, and one sees the same as me, and another sees the appropriate blogs.


      Second, lesser problem. The above screenshot is for our latest communications feed, but our Executive Blogs feed edit screen is totally different, and lets you choose user groups that aren't available in the Latest Communications edit screen:


      All Registered Users isn't an option in the latest comms feed:


      Any help would be so appreciated!

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          I know Keeley Sorokti and Claire Richardson are both experts at setting up News feeds.


          That said, it is possible (and often desirable) to set up a News feed that displays different content for different people based on attributes like permissions or profile fields. So I don't find this part of your description as necessarily very telling. Often it is hard to understand where there might be a problem with someone else's News set-up without being more familiar with the actual set-up of both the feed and the system.

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              For the Latest Communications feed in particular, it should be the same for everyone, since that's our main communication feed. The set up is based just on permission groups, we don't have reliable adoption of the profile fields so we don't use that as a filter. I'm just very confused about where the issue is. I'm also not seeing blogs in my feed that should appear there, it's very weird.

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                  One area that has confused many people is content shares. So if content is shared to a place, i don't think it shows up if the news stream doesn't contain the original location it was posted. But all of the rules have ended up getting a little mashed together in my head. I think I have it documented somewhere, but know that Keeley can articulate it all way better than me.

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                Claire Fletcher

                Hi Oonagh! If you want all users to see the content of a news feed I'd create a stream for 'Everyone' instead of setting up filters. That's the simplest way to do it.


                Even then, users will see different content for different lengths of time based on whether they've already viewed the item or not - if they've looked at an item it stays for 2 days; if they haven't it stays for 10 days. This can make it a bit hard to look at what different users are seeing because you don't always get the same results, even if they COULD all originally see an item when it was published.

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