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    Anyone able to get Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager to work in Cloud?


      We are trying to get click analytics in an HTML widget we have and are having difficulty setting up GA to work within Jive.


      Has anyone been able to set this up successfully? Can you walk through the initial set up?

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          Andrew Gilleran

          I have GA set up in our cloud instance recently and it works fine. Assuming you have GA set up in Google. Just add the account ID in the system settings. And that's it, it will start working more or less straight away. Real time analytics is really cool!




          Now to track clicks you can try Campaign URL Builder from Google. Basically you tag links so you can track them in GA. It's most commonly used for email marketing campaigns but can be used to track any link on a web site. It is a manual process so you have to add the links into the tile or widget.

          Campaign URL Builder — Google Analytics Demos & Tools


          it's something I want to use as I want to test our navigation links and news stories (who clicks on what and where) but I haven't done it yet so I cannot say it works or not.

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              Hi Andrew Gilleran,


              Great to hear what you're looking to do with GA, did you get anywhere using the campaign (UTM) parameters? I've done some of this before, and it plugs nice and easily into GA's campaign reports.


              Just a couple of caveats though, that mean I'm not a fan of using UTM codes on internal links....


              UTM codes are really only meant for tracking inbound links, those coming into Jive from other sites or sources, say an LMS, or an email newsletter.external, usually paid, campaigns.

              More importantly though from an analytics perspective, clicks on internal links that have UTM codes result in a new session being started and you loose the original traffic source (referral).

              If you're using any session-based stats, your data gets spoilt, as what was a single session now gets chopped up into multiple ever-smaller sessions with every click on an internal link with UTM params.


              A dimension to consider using that I find more effective than sessions is User ID, though this requires further config / implementation. The "scope" of User ID allows you to attribute multiple sessions to a single user - much more realistic for internal communities!


              And this is where Google Tag Manager comes in, as it allows us to configure sophisticated "event" tracking - which rather handily drop into GA's "Events" section, and custom dimensions, without requiring any code changes on the Jive side.


              Once you begin looking for more than pageviews out of vanilla GA, I recommend adding GTM to the mix!