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    Anyone experiencing frequent disconnections from Jive Daily mobile app?

    Augustin Derigny



      We have had this issue for two months now, some users in our company (including me) are systematically disconnected from Jive Daily mobile application everytime they have logged into Jive's browser version (on a PC or any other device) in the meantime. Which means they have to enter their login again in Jive Daily very frequently. The strange thing is that this only happens with certain user accounts, not all of them. And all our accounts are federated with Office 365 accounts and use Microsoft SSO login. This is not a device-related issue as we have tested different user accounts on the same device with opposite results. We have submitted a ticket of course but support hasn't been able to identify the cause so far so I was hoping another client also met this issue.


      I will update this thread if we find a solution.

      Thank you