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    Way to retain formatting when creating via Email?


      Hi all,


      Currently my employer leverages SharePoint 2013's function to be able to CC an email address from SharePoint to keep a centralized record of: team announcements, FYI's on trending contacts/known tech issues, department blasts regarding organizational shifts, email blasts from Marketing going out to clients, etc. -- this feature is no longer available in SharePoint Online (which we're moving to) so I started scoping out Jive to try and migrate some extra eyes to our internal Community pages.


      I tested the "create via email" function...


      But I noticed I lose all formatting when I tested it on Announcements, Blogs, and Discussions (whether in preview from Activity pane or clicking into the listing)...


      Announcements also seem to limit to just the latest one at a time, and won't reflect the following one until the previous is deleted/expired.


      Is there a way to retain formatting? Or is there another way to creatively send out the email blast to Outlook DL's while automatically creating a listing in our internal Community pages for easy search & record keeping? If there are any URLs for previous posts or videos on this topic please feel free to share, I haven't found anything in line with what I'm looking for yet.

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          Pretty sure that Kathryn Everest started a discussion on this topic recently, and there weren't a lot of great options. You could use the create via email, and then go back and add a PDF attachment to the post so that you have a record of the formatting.


          I know my IT was looking into whether they could use a generic account and use the APIs as part of an automated mechanism. They also weren't satisfied with the lack of formatting in the "create by email"; plus it didn't work properly when having the email sent from their automation tool and we couldn't track down why. But they never completed the project, so I don't know if this is a viable route.

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