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    Add On Tile with real time updates from place



      I am currently using an add on tile in order to run an AMA (ask me anything) for users.

      This involves polling a place/project for new questions and allowing the host to answer those questions.

      What I want to do is use an event driven mechanism to update the UI rather than periodically polling the project for new questions using the REST API and then presenting them to the user.


      I know that it is possible to set up a webhook approach by registering a webhook for the project and then handle the activity generated by the webhook with a websocket service? (like sockets.io for example)

      However, is there an out of the box way to implement this with Add On Tiles? So that whenever a new event (like a question being asked) occurs in a place/project it is pushed to the tile and can be presented to the user?


      What is the recommended way to implement such functionality. The Add On in a jive/internal add on so no interaction with outside systems is needed here.


      Can anyone advise on this from Jive or point us in the right direction please?

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          Hi David,


          I would say there are two ways to do this:


          1. The webhook you mentioned. Based on criteria, the webhook would be initiated and perform an action, in this case pushing a new configuration to the tile when a new project question is asked. Note, the webhook would have to run somewhere, but you can run this in your own environment and the webhook would be registered to run at that location. There aren't any out of the box mechanisms in Jive for Webhooks, so they have to be custom developed. The benefit is that the tile would get updated in as close to real-time as possible. One minor drawback is that you have to account for if the Webhook fails to run. See the 2nd option for that
          2. Create a standalone middleware application that periodically retrieves data from Jive (newly posted questions) and then remotely pushes a new configuration to the tile. You can optimize this API call for performance reasons or even maintain a "last run" date so that you're only retrieving recently created content. This has the benefit of running on a schedule (~15m, ~30m, etc), putting monitoring around it's execution, and knowing that you're getting the latest state of the information. You could say the delay in tile update (depending on the schedule) is a negative, but it seems that as long as the tile is updated in a timely manner, it would be ok.