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    Auto Update New Content - Add On Tile and Webhooks


      Hi, this is the third time I have attempted to post this question, my content keeps getting sent for moderation before it is posted.

      I have an add-on tile that I am using on our Jive platform in order to runs AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

      Basically the tile polls a specific place (an AMA-specific group/project) in order to find new questions in its activity stream, these Q's are then presented to the AMA host so that he can vie and answer them in the tile.


      What I want to do is improve on the update mechanism so that no polling of the REST service is required and the updates to the tile happen automatically when new content (question) is created in the group that the tile is in.


      Is this functionality available Out Of The Box for tiles? What is the recommended approach for achieveing this functionality without polling?

      I know it is possible to set up a webhook for a place and then presumably I would need to write a websocket service (using sockets.io or something) that can push the new content to the tiiles html. But I am hoping there is a simpler, more integrated way.

      The tile is completely internal and has no need to integrate with any services outside of our Jive platform.


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